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How do I create a budget?

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Watch this video to learn the basic steps to creating a budget. Budgeting is very personal, but luckily budgets can be flexible.


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For more information on savings goals, check out this LearnVest article: How Much do I really need to save?

You can create your budget using a notebook, excel or excel like products, or an app. Try a few out to determine the tool that works best for you. Watch this next video to see one way to use Excel to track your finances.


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These resources should be a good start, but depending on your situation, this may not feel like enough information. Budgeting can be tricky, and you may need more information or personalized help. Mary Baldwin offers a personal finance class that offers much deeper insight into budgeting, financial planning, and savings. You might also look for local non-profit organizations offering personal finance classes or counseling. 

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